Surveillance is the art of monitoring a target or subjects activities through observation and close watch. It is observation of the behavior of people or objects. At Powers Investigations, our team is made up of experience experts who know what to look for.  PowersScopeTM is the most comprehensive way to get the most valuable information in our powerful case tracker technology used by our surveillance experts.  Typical subjects or targets are people, places, and vehicles.  Surveillance is conducted in a covert manner in which the subjects or targets are unaware they are being watched. The activities are documented with detailed reports, video, and pictures. Our agency has vast experience performing surveillance cases throughout the world in various situations, settings and difficulty.

There exist an almost infinite number of reasons why you might need surveillance from a qualified private investigator at some point in your life. With marital infidelity on the rise, employee dishonesty increasing, and crime rates a concern for everyone across the country, surveillance is simply one of the smartest ways you can stay safe. Surveillance gives you the facts and proof you need about those people you trust with your home, your children, your money, and your life.

Surveillance is often used for the following types of cases: 

  • Catch a Cheating Spouse 
  • Domestic Cases 
  • Infidelity/Matrimonial Investigations 
  • Child Custody Cases 
  • Tracking a Teen 
  • Insurance Fraud 
  • Workers Compensation Lawsuits 
  • Verifying Employment