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Get Specific Information on an Individual

Background checks help find out pertinent and specific information on an individual.  A background check can help you discover that person’s criminal history, employment status, marital status, address, phone number, vital statistic verification, education, department of motor vehicle history, or any military records are to name a few.

I’m Not a Business, Can I Get a Background Check on Someone?

There are several myths about background checks, with the biggest one being that only businesses can use them.  This is a complete myth!  Anyone can get a background check!

New Relationship?

If you’re starting a new relationship, but have heard some rumors about that new significant other, you can have an investigator like us run a background check to find out if there’s a basis for it.  Maybe they said something or appeared evasive when something came up, a background check can discover the truth or ease your suspicions.

New Business Partner?

If you’re starting a business with someone, it makes sense to make sure they’ve been totally truthful with you.  They say that they’ve never had a bankruptcy.  They say they spent 15 years working at a large, nationally recognized company.  You may believe them, but are you positive they’re telling you the truth?  Have us run a background check, just to be sure.

New Contractor or Employee?

If you’re a business, you’re likely familiar with the concept of background checks.  However, even if you’re just a normal person looking for someone to do some work on your house, or maybe you’re looking for a new babysitter.  When you’re letting people into your home, you want to be sure that you’re making the right decision.  Does the babysitter have a criminal history?  Has that contractor ever been sued by a previous client?  Contact us about a background check and have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Why Us?

Powers Investigations has been in business for over 30 years.  We have provided top tier services to thousands of clients not only over Central Ohio, but around the world as well.  The Powers team is able to find the information you need quickly and discreetly.  If your needs expand past a simple background check, we are one of Central Ohio’s premier private investigation firms with a highly skilled team of private investigators.

To find the information you need, contact Powers Investigations today, because “You have a right to know!”

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