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Fighting for Your Children

In a custody case, the court looks at many factors.  These factors can range from the quality and stability of the home itself, to the morality of the parents.  This can include drug and alcohol abuse, criminal activity of a parent, or even who that parent allows around their child.  These factors determine who becomes the residential parent, or parent that the child lives with the majority of the time.  Further, these factors influence how much visitation the non-residential parent may get.

How Do You Prove That?

Testimony from family and friends is possibly the most common way of proving these factors, however, there are other methods.  One of the strongest methods is through the use of observation and investigation.  Photographs, video recordings, and even vehicle location tracking can all be utilized to support your arguments.

What do you do if your ex-spouse claims to be two years sober, but you know that isn’t true?  You can testify that they’re lying, but without any evidence, it simply turns into a case of “he said, she said.”  Our skilled team at Powers Investigations may be able to catch them in the act.  With video evidence of your ex-spouse’s lies, you can show to the court what the truth actually is.  This not only lessens their credibility in front of the court, but it shows that your claims are accurate.

What if you know that your ex’s new significant other is bad news, even though they always behave in front of the court?  We can perform background checks, to show any potential red flags.  We can even observe on them to show how they act in reality, not just when the court is looking.

Is it Admissible?

The evidence collected by the investigators at Powers Investigations is regularly utilized in court.  Our reports, photographs, and video recordings are often submitted as exhibits in custody cases.  We can even testify in court to what we had seen during our investigations.  Here at Powers Investigations, we have been subjected to cross-examination by some of the top attorneys in the area, but our experience and care in performing our investigations have allowed us to withstand these questions.

Why Us?

We understand that the primary concern in a custody case is the safety and well-being of your children.  That is why we will work tirelessly to find the information that you need to protect your children.  Our skilled team cares about the case, setting themselves apart from many others.  We work in a careful and discreet manner, while ensuring the thorough investigation of the opposing party.

We understand the incredible level of trust and responsibility that are required in a custody case.  Powers Investigations will work to ensure that the truth is uncovered, and that you will have the evidence you need to show it.  Contact Powers Investigations today, because “You have the right to know!”

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