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The Truth is Essential to Your Peace of Mind

Have you noticed changes in your significant other or spouse?  Are they spending less time at home and more time “at work”?  Are they suddenly disinterested in you?  Did you find strange receipts in their car or wallet?  Have they suddenly become defensive of their computer, phone, and social media account?  Do you simply have a “gut feeling” that something is wrong?  All of these could have perfectly innocent explanations, but they could also be signs that something is occurring behind your back.  Are they cheating, or is there a reasonable explanation?  Here at Powers Investigations, we believe “You Have The Right To Know!”

What to Do?

When there is a question of infidelity, statistics have shown that one’s intuition is often correct.  The reason for this is that nobody knows your significant other better than you.  You know their habits, routines, and behaviors.  If you suspect your mate of being unfaithful, the statistical probability is your intuition is probably correct.  However, a “gut feeling” is neither admissible in court, nor complete proof of cheating or infidelity.  When trying to decide what to do when you suspect your spouse of cheating, it is important to have as much information as possible, as an uneducated decision could have disastrous results.

Perhaps the best ways to know, for sure, if your spouse is cheating on you, is to utilize a private investigator.  A skilled team of private investigators can discover the truth and give you the answers you deserve.  We have the ability to investigate your significant other through various methods to find the information you need.  If you suspect that your loved one is unfaithful, often the only way forward is to find out for sure.  A private investigator, like ours at Powers Investigations, can give you evidence to either prove your suspicions or simply put your mind at ease.

Does Cheating Matter to the Court?

Something we hear almost every day is that “Ohio is a no-fault state, so cheating doesn’t matter to the court.”  This is a complete myth!  While it is true that Ohio is a no-fault state, cheating is relevant to the Court.

When the Court considers a spouse’s ability to make decisions for the child, the Court will look at their past decisions.  This is where their cheating matters.  Were they with this person when they should have been with the children?  Did they leave the children unattended to go to that person’s house?  Did they bring that person around the children?  These are all questions that may have answers which show your spouse’s poor decision-making ability.  It also may show that they prioritize their own satisfaction and this person over the children.

Who they were cheating with is also relevant to the Court.  It is likely that your spouse will want a relationship with the person they cheated with, so the Court will want to know who that person is.  Do they have a violent history?  Do they have a job?  Are they a felon?  Again, this shows your spouse’s decision-making ability.  Did your spouse think it was okay to bring a violent felon around your children?  If so, that could show they don’t think about these things, which could place the children in danger.

Why Us?

An investigation into your spouse’s potential infidelity is something that you do not want to trust to any private investigator.  This type of investigation requires skill, care, and, perhaps most importantly, discretion.  Here at Powers Investigations, we have been in business for over 30 years.  Our investigators have backgrounds in law enforcement, with years of detective work behind them.  Powers Investigations is one of the premier private investigations firms in Central Ohio, with experience working cases across the world including Paris, France and throughout Germany.

We have investigated thousands of cases, many of which required the utmost in discretion.  Our team is well versed in collecting evidence in a manner that prepares you for a potential divorce case, should one arise.  The information we collect is highly detailed and often submitted as evidence in divorce cases.  Our investigators and our evidence have both withstood cross-examination by highly experienced attorneys due to our experience, skill, and diligence when conducting ourselves in the field.

To find out once and for all, what your spouse is doing, contact Powers Investigations today, because “You have a right to know!”

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